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Traveling on the road doesn’t have to ruin your diet or mean countless stops at fast food drive-thrus. Imagine your diet being the same on the road as it is at home and you’ll be eating well and feeling great! Here are some tips for staying on the healthy road during your road trip.

1) Plan ahead just you do at home. Consider where you are going and what your best choices are and plan regular meals.

2) Pack healthier fare in your car. Bring a cooler and pack it with cut-up fresh fruit and veggies, string cheese, yogurt, sandwiches and water. Stop at a rest stop along the way and enjoy!

3) Use Google maps to search restaurants along the way or at your destination. This will help you identify healthier places before you settle on the first restaurant you see.

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Fast Food Tips
Fast food may be a reality when you’re driving, so we’ve put together some easy tips to for ordering and choosing healthier fare.

1) Check fast food restaurant websites, many have full nutrition information available to help you make better decisions.

2) Save 100’s of calories by skipping the mayo or special sauce. Order mustard instead.

3) Opt for a side salad (with fat-free or low-fat dressing on the side) instead of fries.

4) Choose a grilled chicken sandwich over crispy or fried items.

5) Limit sodas and juices and choose water instead.

6) Order a kids meal for instant portion control!

7) Choose whole wheat bread when available for sandwiches.

8) Order dressing and sauce on the side so you can moderate how much to use.

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