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Did you know that there are specific foods you should eat depending on your plans? It’s true! Whether you are looking for extra energy before a full day at work, or you want to impress your ex with your youthful glow…there are certain foods that can give you the results you want! Your skin, mood and weight can all be altered by the consumption of the right or wrong foods.

Here are some common situations and the foods that will help you feel more confident and prepared for them:

1) During the winter is your office filled with the sound of coughing and sneezing? To prevent you from catching the “bug that has been going around” try adding some low fat yogurt with a tablespoon of wheat grass to your diet. The yogurt helps build your immunity, while the wheat grass is packed with vitamin E, which helps your body stay healthy and fight off harmful germs.

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2) Do you get nervous meeting new people? Whether it’s a blind date or your meeting your new boyfriend’s overly critical parents; you will naturally want to be at your best. Try having a piece of chicken breast with a cup of steamed white rice. Both the chicken and the rice are fairly low in fiber, so you’ll be preventing bloating. You may also want to try drinking black tea to kill bacteria that causes bad breath!

3) Looking good is the best revenge against an ex! If you know your going to run in to your ex, you may want to look your best. Eating tomatoes drizzled with olive oil will help you look radiant! The antioxidants in olive oil reduce inflammation, which helps give you that “I’m doing better than ever” glow!

4) Are you about to pitch a new idea to your boss? Or maybe you are cramming for an exam. Either way you may want to snack on some grilled salmon to keep you alert and focused. Salmon contains tons of omega-3 fatty acids which keep you on your toes, plus it is full of protein so you will stay full loner!

These foods and many others can really help you prepare for any occasion. The key is to find foods that provide necessary vitamins and nutrients to keep your body balanced. So choose the right food and get ready to impress!

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