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It started with the South Beach Diet, then made its way up the coast to The Hampton’s Diet, and now the race for the best diet has gone international! It’s no secret that we enjoy large portions and easy, convenient food. With all the processed and fast food available, it is no wonder we are becoming increasingly overweight.

It seems that new diets are appearing daily, and now countries around the world have caught onto the hunger for diet solutions and are offering international tips on how to lose weight!

From Japan to France, here are some worldwide dieting secrets to help you begin to slim:

1) A Japanese diet usually has limited amounts of red meat with more emphasis on fresh seafood, poultry and eggs. Green tea is also a main part of the culture and is known to help keep our metabolisms working at a healthy pace. Lots of grains like rice and noodles are important staples in a Japanese diet. Take a tip from the Japanese culture and fill up on healthy grains and protein.

2) Like the Japanese diet, Greeks also appreciate whole grains and seafood. To eat like a Greek try leafy greens, fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts. Some of the fresh food includes tomatoes, garlic, onions, spinach, and artichokes. Perhaps one of the the best Greek diet secret is olive oil, which contains healthy fat instead of saturated fat. This may be part of the reason why heart disease is rare in Greeks and is the number one cause of death in America.

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3) An Indonesian diet is guaranteed to awaken your taste buds! Steamed or boiled rice is the main dish and all other food is considered secondary. Indonesia is made up of over 13, 000 islands, so fresh seafood like scallops, crab and squid are a very important part of an Indonesian diet. To add flavor to their food, Indonesians rely on a variety of hot, spicy and sour seasonings like soy sauce, peanut oils and lemon grass. Take a tip from the Indonesian diet and use seasonings and spices to give a kick to your healthy dish!

4) The French diet consists of eating lots of food throughout the day. Mainly cheese, bread and fruits are enjoyed on a daily basis. So how do foods that Americans consider “forbidden”, keep the people in France so thin? Simply because they control their portions and they eat fresh food with little or no preservatives. Also, they are a culture that enjoys their desserts. Take a cue from the French and don’t deprive yourself, enjoy your food and get fresh like the French!

The main point is that you must understand the importance of quality over quantity. Appreciate fresh food and stop trying to trick our bodies with artificial flavoring. Also, cutting down on red meat and food that comes in a wrapper may be wise as well. So, to start dropping the pounds it’s time to pick up some tips from around the globe!

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