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To help you decide if a diet partner is right for you, check out these five benefits to the dieting buddy system:

1) Do you find it hard to stay motivated to work out and/or eat healthy? Having
a friend with you as you embark on your weight loss journey may help you become
more accountable for your actions. If you have a set time to work out, or you
have a specific day when you go grocery shopping with your diet buddy, you will
be more likely to follow through. Plus, knowing you will have to come clean to
your diet partner may help boost your willpower next time you want to overindulge.

2) Do you often feel guilty after eating too much? If you do end up overindulging,
your diet partner is the perfect person to talk you through any guilt or frustration you may feel. Diet partners understand first-hand how difficult losing weight can be, and they can help get you back on track. You will have
constant support and motivation to keep you going!

3) Does competition keep you going strong? Even if you are supportive of each
other, healthy competition may also be a great way to keep both of you motivated.
If you see your diet partner succeeding, chances are you will probably want the
same results.

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4) Is having fun important to you while you work out and diet? Having someone to
laugh and talk with can often make counting calories and walking 2 miles
enjoyable! Remember, time flies when you’re having fun!

5) Are you looking to make new friends? Having one or several diet partners can
help you become more social. Sharing such a great achievement can often build
lasting bonds! Plus, you can celebrate your success together!

If you answered yes to any of these five questions than a diet partner may be the
weight loss solution you have been looking for!

Being part of the community, you already have access to some great diet
partners. You may find it helpful to reach out to fellow dieters to get the help
you need to lose weight and feel great! You can do it and we are all here to help

To find your diet partner/s you can check out’s “Search For New Buddies” page.

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