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Shrink Yourself Want to stop overeating when you are stressed, angry, bored or depressed? The ShrinkYourself 12-week program will show you how to deal with your emotions and challenges. When you have finished, the cravings will be gone and weight will come off nat... » Read More...

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1. Dr. Dean Ornish
Diet Programs » Book only

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2. Weight Watchers FlexPoints Plan
Diet Programs » Diet Centers

28 Reviews
3. Maker's Diet
Diet Programs » Anti-inflammatory

3 Reviews
4. American Heart Association No-Fad Diet
Diet Programs » Book only

4 Reviews

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1. Slim in 6
Diet Programs » Popular Diets

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2. Zumba by Beto
Diet Programs » Popular Diets

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3. Shrink Yourself
Diet Programs » Popular Diets

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4. Subway Diet
Diet Programs » Low-Fat

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