Overcoming 5 Common Diet Obstacles

Lady Diet from Diet.com
May 29, 2008
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Overcoming 5 Common Diet Obstacles

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When it comes to achieving your healthy weight loss goals, what is your biggest challenge? We all have our own personal obstacles holding us back or making it difficult for us to lose the weight we want to lose. Recognizing where you fall short and what your weaknesses are are the first steps toward beating them! In today’s podcast, I’m going to list five of the most common dieting obstacles, and discuss practical strategies for overcoming them!

1) Dining out at restaurants is first on my list because personally, it happens to be one of my own biggest obstacles. Who can resist the temptation of having someone else cook and clean up after you? And I’m sure if you’re an adventurous eater like I am, dining out provides you ample opportunity to try new and unusual foods! Well, diners on a diet take note! If you keep falling victim to the giant-sized portions at restaurants, try asking for a left-over container right away, or divide half of your meal up as soon as you get it to save as your lunch for the next day! Try to limit yourself on restaurant trips to once a week, and put more effort into planning home-cooked meals ahead of time.

2) Sweet-tooth temptations and junk food are high on the list of dieting obstacles for many people! If you find yourself always losing the diet battle to ice cream and cookies, take a large step back and reevaluate your diet. If you keep failing at a “no sweets” rule you’ve set for yourself, maybe your real problem is that cutting off treats is making you feel deprived and setting yourself up for a junk food binge! Practice moderation over restriction when it comes to dessert. Reward yourself once a week with your favorite treat. If you’re an ice cream lover like I am, don’t keep it in the house where it’s available at every craving – go out for it as a part of a special occasion instead.

3) Too busy to fit fitness into your day? Jam-packed schedules can leave your health on the sidelines too often. It’s hard when you have to balance a full week of work, family, friends, and all the little in-betweens into your routine. Try to develop a workout that can fit into your schedule somehow, whether you join a gym with longer hours, or work on an at-home fitness routine you can do when you’ve got the time. Try cutting out some of that time watching TV or surfing the internet and replacing it with a little active exercise time. Prioritize what’s most important to you. Are fitness and a healthy lifestyle up there? Accommodate the activities you value most into your schedule and you’ll be back on track.

4) It’s good to be a disciplined dieter, but being too hard on yourself can have bad consequences. If you get off course with your exercise or diet routine, don’t give up! All is not lost! And you definitely don’t want to lose the hard work you’ve been putting in all this time. Remember that everyone needs a break once and awhile. It’s OK if you have to take one. Understand that it took time to lose the weight you already have, and it’s going to take time to put it back on, too.

5) Finding motivation and maintaining it are some of the biggest challenges dieters face on the road to weight loss. It isn’t easy when there are so many other things on our minds day in and day out to worry about. Try to find something or someone that can keep you accountable and help you stay on track. Whether it’s joining a challenge, like Diet.com’s Slim Summer Challenge, or working out with a buddy, having a source of support can help you push yourself to keep going. Try writing a Blog or a journal about your weight loss journey. Write down your goals and post them in your house so you see what you’re striving for daily. Take advantage of the many resources available to help you and you’ll be on your way to success!

Whatever your personal obstacle is that’s standing in the way of your goals, remember that you can find a way to get around it and succeed! Never lose sight of your goals. Make a plan of attack, a detailed strategy on what tools you need and what steps you should take to overcome your obstacle. Like I already mentioned, surround yourself in a community of support and never go it alone! Good luck with your weight loss goals and with the rest of the Slim Summer Weight Loss Challenge!

If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s podcast, or any fun health diet or fitness tips, please feel free to email me at LadyDietPodcast at dietdotcom.

This is Lady Diet, signing off.

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