Have Your Healthiest Summer

Lady Diet from Diet.com
May 17, 2007
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Have Your Healthiest Summer

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Summer will be here sooner than you think! Are you prepared? I personally canít wait. To me, summer means endless days in the sun at the beach, diving into hotdogs and símores during camp cook-outs and BBQs, and basically spending as much time as I can outdoors. Wherever you are, summer and warm weather are great reasons to get in shape and have fun. Here are five ideas to help you have your healthiest summer this year!

Get out and play! Instead of reclining on the beach all day, get up and move with a brisk walk down the beach or a swim in the water. Plan your summer vacations around active outdoor activities, like a day hike or a biking trip. Organize a backyard get-together not for a barbeque but for yard games like badminton or volleyball!

Donít weigh yourself down with heavy meals during the summer. During the winter, hearty meals like beef stew are perfect, but in the sweltering heat and humidity? No thanks! Most people, myself included, gravitate toward lighter meals during the warmer months. Try something fresh and easy like tasty summer salads with a splash of olive oil or wrap sandwiches and veggie sticks!

Keep cool by drinkingÖwater! I know youíve heard it before, but staying hydrated canít be emphasized enough. Itís especially important to drink water during the summer when youíre out in the sun and heat, sweating. Ditch the sugary drinks and iced lattes and conquer thirst with a cold glass of water. Try leaving a cooler in your car packed with water bottles for easy access during your day. Add lemon or lime slices (or both) to your water for a little zing!

Replace those lazy summer days with volunteer work. Become a mentor. Join a beach-sweep or neighborhood cleanup to get yourself moving! Volunteer at a humane society or animal shelter to take dogs on walks! Feel great mentally and socially by doing something to make a difference in other peoplesí lives.

Finally, donít forget to protect your skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 to help your skin stay healthy and protected from harmful UV rays! Apply sunscreen generously and at least 30 minutes in advance of sun exposure so it can absorb into your skin. If youíre going to be swimming and sweating, buy sunscreen thatís waterproof. Lastly, donít forget to reapply!

Remember to stay cool, have fun, and challenge yourself with new activities. Follow my five tips and youíll be on your way to a healthy and fulfilling summer!

If you have any comments or suggestions about todayís podcast or any fun health diet or fitness tips please feel free to email me at LadyDietPodcast at dietdotcom

This is lady diet signing offÖ

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