Diet and Workout Plan for Procrastinators!

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December 13, 2006
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“The Procrastinators Diet and Workout Plan”

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Today I am going to talk about how to stop procrastinating and finally start losing weight. Many of us procrastinators don’t do well with diet and fitness routines, simply because we never get around to following through. It isn’t necessarily for a lack of interest, since many procrastinators make great planners. Whether we are writing a list of the foods we plan to eat on our diet or we put together a fitness routine to try, we may spend most of our time procrastinating by planning. In fact, we tend to plan so much that we lose the momentum to take action.

Here are five common reasons why many of us procrastinate:

1) Being afraid of failing. We may feel discouraged if we don’t succeed, so we’d rather not try. 2) Feeling overwhelmed by our diet and/or workout plan. We may feel too stressed or anxious to follow through. 3) We have become creatures of habit. We may be too comfortable procrastinating and Do not have the motivation to take action. 4) Being afraid of changes since we are do not like to leave the comfort of consistency 5) We just don’t know where to start. Not knowing where to start off often makes it hard to visualize where we want to end up.

In any case, whether you are trying to lose weight or do better with work, you can overcome your tendency to procrastinate.

Here are three diet and workout tips that helped me stop procrastinating and start losing weight:

1) Set an appointment to go grocery or with a friend who is known for taking action. When you have other people involved in your plans, you will be less likely to break them. Plus, seeing someone else go after their goals can inspire you to do the same. 2) Decide to start your diet today. It doesn’t matter if it’s the day before Christmas or your sister’s wedding; the best time to start making changes is now. 3) Get rid of any junk food in your kitchen that appeals to you. It doesn’t matter if you just bought a pint of ice cream; you have to remove the temptation. Don’t allow yourself to come up with excuses like “I’ll start my diet after the pint is gone”, that just allows you a few days to find another excuse food to take its place.

Those are just a few diet tips to help you jump started your weight loss. Stayed tuned for part two of this podcast where I will give tips on how to stop yourself from making exercising excuses.

If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s podcast or any fun health diet for fitness tips please feel free to email me at LadyDietPodcast at dietdotcom This is lady diet signing off…

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