How to Commit to Getting Fit!

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October 09, 2006
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Commit to Being Fit!

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In theory, going to the gym sounds like a great plan. Maybe we will hop on a treadmill or take a step class to burn some calories. Or perhaps we plan to pick up some free weights and firm up our biceps. Either way, it may seem like we have a fool proof plan once we enter the gym. However, I have found out, it is getting into the gym that is the problem. We may get lazy and start to wonder , how are we possibly going to motivate ourselves to get started?

So I talked with the medical director… Here are a few tips he has provided for us.

No matter how lazy we’ve been, these are five tips will help us get to the gym:

1) Get a workout buddy. Nothing motivates us more than having someone else’s support and encouragement. Plus, we don’t want to disappoint our buddy by not showing up for our workout.

2) Make a realistic gym schedule. If you know that you feel tired after work, try and fit in a morning workout instead. Do not create a workout plan that does not work for your lifestyle.

3) Try to find a gym that islose to your home or work. By not having to go out of your way, you are more likely to go. If you do not have a gym near by, find the closest running track or walking route that is convenient for you.

4) Try something new! Take a class that interests you. For example, a rock climbing course can be fun and a great workout for your entire body. Workouts are not limit gym equipment

5) Set a side a reward day at the end of the week. If you follow through with your weekly workout schedule, give yourself some positive reinforcement. Try rewarding yourself in hours. If you succeed with your weekly goals allow yourself one extra hour of sleep, or an hour of shopping on the weekend.

Even though these tips may help, it is still up to us to push ourselves to be commit to being fit.

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