How to Fight the "Freshman 15"

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September 08, 2006
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I am sure we all know someone heading off to college this fall. It is an exciting time full of parties, roommates and of course tons of high calorie foods. Resisting temptation is always hard, but when you are cramming for an exam at 2a.m. the urge to binge on sugar is down right impossible to ignore. This is where the “freshman 15” comes into play. This is the weight that sneaks up on college freshman as they explore the delicious yet destructive world of convenience stores, take-out food and vending machines.

“How to Fight the Freshman 15” is this week’s featured story in’s weekly newsletter. It is an essential survival guide for all incoming freshman. These tips are written exclusively for members by students who have fought and won the battle against the dreaded “freshman 15”.

Let’s hear some of their stories:

“I only eat junk food in threes! If there are chips I eat three, if there is pizza I have three bites and if my roommate makes chocolate chip cookies ( they are so good!!) then I take one cookie and split it in three ( this makes me feel like I am eating more!) Try it, it works like a charm!”- Joanna, Boston College 07’

“My first week at college, I got menus from all the different take-out restaurants near my school. I than sat down and picked out the top three healthiest things on each menu and circled them with a big red marketer. That way when I get take out, my eyes go right toward the healthy stuff instead of the fried, greasy food!”- Mallory, University of Chicago 08’

“I was a freshman last year and I had late night study session every week! Instead of snacking on fatty food, I brought tootsie pops for everyone. They are an inexpensive, low calorie treat that lasts a lot longer than a slice of pizza!”- Jen, Scranton University, 09’

“I gained six pounds my second semester in college by drinking sugary fruit juice from the cafeteria! I was on a diet and eating really healthy but I never thought about what I was drinking. This year I carry Crystal Light “On the Go” packets. You only have to add water for a great fruit juice alternative!”- Rachel, Washington University, 09’

These students have found ways to fight off the “freshman 15” by creating solutions that fit their lifestyle. So whether you or someone you know is at risk, there is no need to panic just prepare for the pounds ahead of time. If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s topic or any fun health, diet or fitness tips, please feel free to email me at LadyDietPodcast at dietdotcom This is Lady Diet, signing off!

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