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Lady Diet from Diet.com
May 27, 2008
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Welcome to Diet and Fitness Podcast, a free audio podcast sponsored by Diet.com. This is your fit, fun, and fabulous host, Lady Diet, ready to give you the skinny on how to use the body you were born with.

It seems that we always want what they don’t have. Every woman has a different type of body that can cause us grief. Today, I’m going to help you understand your body type, and how you can learn to love it.

Hourglass women are able to gain or lose weight very quickly and tend to wear their unwanted pounds in the thighs, lower hips, upper arms, and lower stomach. Both Halle Berry and Selma Hayek can tell you that hourglass figures should measure fitness progress by inches, NOT weight. Weight is the most evenly distributed in hourglass figures, so a woman could be 5’ 3”, entirely fit and toned, and still weight 145 lbs. For exercise, hour glass figures should concentrate on programs like Pilates and Yoga to increase flexibility and lengthen the muscles to create a leaner look.

Pear shaped women who find themselves slender up top but heavy around their hips, thighs, and butt, are actually lighter than they look. According to Health and Fitness Magazine, around the hips is the healthiest place to store fat. Leg workouts are a must for this fruity lady. Pilates, leg curls, calf raises, and squats should be the backbone of any Pear girl’s fitness routine. The voluptuous Jennifer Lopez wears this body type proudly.

Ruler women like Cameron Diaz are the long-legged beauties that we all adore. However, their body type comes with a different set of fitness hang ups- rapid weight gain. Weight gain is the most noticeable on these lean ladies, making a mere 5 extra pounds look like 15. A normal fitness routine for a ruler woman should consist of weight training with very little cardio. Hours of cardio will burn the muscle that they’re trying to build. Rulers who wish to gain muscle mass should weight train up to 6 days a week to achieve any results.

As Teri Hatcher and Kate Hudson can attest, apple-shaped women carry all of their weight in the stomach. This body type is known for its love handles, but is lucky to have very slender legs and arms. Apple women tend to have a slow metabolism, so 40 minutes of cardio exercise is ideal for losing weight. Apples also benefit from full body exercise like swimming and aerobic dance.

Ok, friends. Remember, you already look fabulous! Diet and exercise are just ways to make you actually feel fabulous on the inside.

I would like to credit Health and Fitness Magazine for a portion of the information above. Thanks for listening!

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