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July 21, 2006
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Welcome to Diet and Fitness Radio, a podcast brought you by This is your fit, fun, and fabulous host, Lady Diet, reporting live from sunny Hollywood, CA.

It’s official—studies show that dieting with a friend is more effective than solo-dieting. How many of you would have stuck with a weight loss regimen if you had a friend there to encourage you and share the struggle of dieting? Let’s face it: dieting is hard work. Especially in the beginning phases, dealing with cravings is certainly no fun. You know how they say that misery loves company? Well, you might as well diet with a friend and be miserable together, right?

I am going to read a quote from a study conducted at Aston University in Birmingham, England that I found in Self Magazine: "Here's a good reason to buddy up when you want to lose: The stress hormone cortisol spikes in solo dieters, which could lead to cranked-up anxiety and impaired memory within a week of starting a regimen. Surges in cortisol can alter communication between brain cells.”

When dieters have some sort of support network, they tend to stick with a diet even when the going gets tough. Why? Because they feel accountable to the other person or people they are dieting with. From my own experience of working at I’ve definitely seen how effective the group dieting approach is. In the last weight loss challenge on our site, respondents to a post-challenge survey reported an average weight loss of 14.9 pounds in 12 weeks. That’s an amazing statistic!

And this group or buddy mentality applies for exercise as well. Think about it. Do you find it easier to go to the gym when you have a buddy you can chat with while you are on the elliptical machine? I know that I run longer and harder when I have a friend next to me, breathing hard and trying to get words of encouragement out. It’s motivation to get the most of your workout. And it’s kind of fun to see who can last longer… nothing like a little friendly competition, right?

So what are you waiting for? Buddy up and get better results! It’s always better when we’re together… I think that’s what Jack Johnson sang. As always, thanks for listening and remember to check out to join our Weight Loss Challenge, a fun and motivational way to lose weight.

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