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Lady Diet from Diet.com
July 15, 2006
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Welcome to Diet and Fitness Radio, a podcast brought to you by Diet.com. This is your fit, fun, and fabulous host, Lady Diet, reporting live from sunny Hollywood, California. Today your favorite diet diva, aka ME, will be dishing out the goods on celebrity diet and fitness tips.

Let’s start with an exercise tip from MSNBC’s The Fit List. Want strong, sexy shoulders like Jessica Alba or Hillary Swank? Try this three-move combo:

  • Start in a standing position, holding a dumbbell in each hand (start with 5 pounds and work up to 10 pounds over time). With your arms by your sides, palms facing the back, lift your arms straight up in front of your body to shoulder height, then lower.
  • Without stopping, raise your arm up to the sides, like you are “flying,” to shoulder level, then lower.
  • Next, bend slightly at the waist and knees. Then, lift your arms up in front with your elbows bent and pointing out to the sides, like you are hugging a big tree. Your hands, elbows and shoulders should all be in the same plane. From this position, do a reverse fly, in which you move your elbows toward the back wall, while squeezing your shoulder blades together. Then lower.
Repeat this entire sequence 12 to 15 times, with a weight that is heavy enough to fatigue your shoulders by the last repetition.

Moving on, I’ll give you a brief scoop on recent celebrity diet and fitness-related news. Young actress, singer and entrepreneur Hilary Duff, on the July cover of Self magazine, transformed her body into its current svelte state after a magazine headline reading “Hilary Duff Puffs Up” really offended her. She started doing pilates three times a week. On her non-pilates days, she runs 2 miles on the treadmill next to sister Haylie.

In an upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar, the legendary Elizabeth Taylor admits that she enjoys food too much to ever be a size-zero like so many other ladies in Hollywood. The 74-year-old actress also dresses to impress men first saying (and I quote) "Men first. Myself. Then other women. 'Cause you can't please women. They are horribly critical of each other. And more so if you're famous.” Truer words have never been spoken, Ms. Taylor.

Ok, everyone. This Diet Diva is done dishing out celebrity secrets today. You may not be rich or famous, but you are still fabulous! Don’t go crazy trying to look like your favorite star… take your weight loss and exercise journey one day at a time. Thanks for listening and remember to check out www.Diet.com!

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