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June 13, 2008
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Summer is about to officially begin, and what better way to kick off the heat than with a hot and fun new summer sport? It’s time to put away the feather duster and Lysol wipes and put the spring cleaning in your rear-view mirror as you prep for the scorching months to come.

Don’t be afraid in the shade – stay cool in the sun with these fun summer sports.

1. A league of your own. Don’t miss out on the fun of an adult softball league! Many businesses will sponsor a team of their employees, but you don’t need a company to help you build a team. Check out some local newspaper listings or ask around to find out how you and your friends can be a part of a team. You’ll have a blast, no matter what your level of skill is!

2. Cut up the streets with some blades! If you’ve never tried rollerblading then you are living in the ‘80s. Not only is inline skating a great way to take to the streets and get out of your spring-cleaning apron, but it’s an excellent cardio workout AND a green means of transportation. Be sure that you either know what you’re doing, have the company of someone who knows what they’re doing, or are equipped with safety tools like a helmet and knee pads if you’ve never bladed before. Once you get comfortable with it, get rollin’!

3. Rent a boat and go up a creek. If you’ve got your own kayak or canoe, that’s terrific. What are you waiting for? Throw that thing in a lake and get to paddlin’. But if you don’t own a kayak or canoe, this is the season to rent one and check them out! And they are both great alone or with a friend, so choose your company and then choose your boat!

4. Make life aquatic. Whether you’re playing Marco!… Polo!, swimming a few laps or attempting to hang the elusive ten on a surfboard, the water is a great place to get in some fun and fitness. Water skiing is also a really fun way to have a blast while you get your heart rate up and improve your stability. So go get wet!

Don’t be cooped up indoors where it’s too tempting to become a baked couch potato. Spring outdoors and make a splash with our sensational summer fun suggestions!

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Stay cool, stay fit and stay focused with this is Lady Diet signing off!

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