Bush Money Mayhem

Lady Diet from Diet.com
May 16, 2008
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Welcome to Diet and Fitness Podcast, a free audio podcast sponsored by Diet.com. This is your fit, fun and fabulous host, Lady Diet, ready to give you the skinny on the latest diet fitness health tips and news.

Forget Spring Break. It’s time for a different springtime party: It’s Economic Stimulus 2k8, baby! WHOOO!!! Lady Diet is not one for political statements, so I’m not going to preface this podcast with any jokes whatsoever about the state of our economy and the Big Man behind the curtain. The fact remains that many of us will be receiving a check from everyone’s favorite uncle, Uncle Sam, and, as per usual, we shouldn’t spend it all in one place. So what can you do to use this presumably free money for good, rather than evil?

Listen up to find out some healthy ways to proceed with your economically stimulating check.

1. Be a local hero. Ok, so if you go to the local chain grocery store for all your needs, you might be saving on gas. But let’s focus on ways you can help your local economy AND yourself at the same time. Heading to a local baker for your bread needs, a farmer’s market for your fruits and veggies, and a butcher shop for your meats will SAVE you money, insure freshness and quality, and contribute to your local economy. Most of these specialty shops do offer you better prices than the big grocery stores, so scope it out!

2. Buy a garden. I know we’re talking about Bush, but I’m not talking about Busch Gardens. Want to invest in a way to eat in the future? Use your check to pick up some basic gardening tools and some seeds for planting. Tomatoes, green beans, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, kale… even strawberries or raspberries. The gift that keeps on giving is certainly a yummy garden of healthy foods.

3. Purchase some home health tools. Small mom-and-pop pharmacies are a great place to pick up a new heart rate monitor, pedometer, ice packs (for your well-exercised joints) and vitamins. Browse the aisles of your local pharmacy for some goods that will be good for you!

4. Save it. Give yourself the gift of a healthy peace of mind. Americans have appallingly low savings right now, which could result in instant devastation should an emergency come up. Putting your check right into the bank to gain interest could very well be in YOUR best interest. Foresight is rarely 20/20, so take this step towards saving and it will be a step in the right direction for your future.

I know you’re all seeing “FREE MONEY” flashing before your eyes and even from here I can see you licking your lips with anticipation! But avoid the desire to splurge on a flat-screen TV or a hot new ringtone with your ensuing government checks. Be smart with your Bush Money and you’ll be stimulating your happiness and your health!

If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s podcast or any fun health diet or fitness tip, please feel free to email me at ladydietpodcast@diet.com.

Stay healthy, stay fit and stay focused with Diet.com... this is Lady Diet signing off!

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