5 Minute Microwave Meal Madness

Lady Diet from Diet.com
February 29, 2008
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Lots of us have access to a microwave at work. What we don’t have at work is a lot of time to enjoy our lunch. Bringing your own food to work will not only save you money but will also give you a little extra time for relaxing. OK, so are you ready to prepare your meal in minutes, leaving the rest of your lunch “hour” for eating, relaxing and digesting? With our help, you may even have the time for a lunchtime walk.

Sorry Rachael Ray… most of us are too time-pressed for 30-minute meals. That’s why we’ve cooked up our top 5 ways to whip up microwaveable meal in 5 minutes… or less!

1. Just add chicken. Got a salad? Just heat up some chicken in the microwave and top your greens with some tasty protein. Cook a bit of chicken breast over the weekend and keep some refrigerated to bring with you to work. Juicy, hot chicken puts the “mmm” in microwave.

2. Unleash your leftovers. Pasta, rice and pizza all re-heat very well! And don’t forget to package up your leftovers when you go out to eat at restaurants. Bring them along to the office the next day, pop ‘em in for a nuke, and get all the bang you can for your buck.

3. Make it a melt. Add low-fat cheese to your tuna and turn a so-so cold sandwich into a melty masterpiece. Since you’ll prepare your cold sandwich ahead of time, you only need seconds at the microwave. You get a melt that will make your taste buds melt… plus heartfelt thanks from the next in line at the microwave!

4. Soup it up. Going to the nearest Panera or Quizno’s could put you face-to-face with a bread bowl that will cost you five bucks and 560 calories. And those calories come strictly from the bread – you need to add in the soup numbers. Opt for the cheaper, healthier option. Healthy Choice makes soups in single serving sizes that come in microwavable bowls. Try their Chicken with Rice and enjoy a lot of taste for a mere 90 calories and 0g of fat!

5. Made for Microwavin’. What about all those packaged microwavable entrees? Some of them are pretty wack, and not so good for you due to high sodium and other artificial ingredients. But there are some varieties that are really enjoyable AND healthy. Lean Cuisine’s Sesame Stir Fry with Chicken has ample veggies, a mere 300 calories and NO preservatives!!

OK now that we’ve saved you oodles of time, why not take a minute and whip up a sound exercise and eating plan with Diet.com? Be sure to tell them Lady Diet sent you!

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