5 Ways to Lighten Up Thanksgiving

Lady Diet from Diet.com
November 16, 2007
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5 Ways to Lighten Up Thanksgiving

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I love the Holidays and I am so excited for Thanksgiving! Turkey day is full of wonderful things – friends and family, delicious food, really delicious food, and more food. I used to cower in fear of dreaded Holiday weight gain, but this season I face the annual feast fearlessly. Why? Well, because of these five fool-proof tips I’ll share with you today on making Thanksgiving lighter and healthier on your diet!

1) I’m a big breakfast advocate, and there’s no better day to eat breakfast than on Thanksgiving. Don’t hold out until the big dinner, or the turkey won’t be the only thing stuffed come meal time! Eating in the morning will give you more control over your cravings and appetite later on.

2) Snack on a small plate. Who can really resist snacking before dinner? Instead of holding out, grab a small plate and don’t snack straight from the big bowl. This will help you keep portions under control!

3) Have your wine, but stick to just a glass. Liquid calories can really sneak up on you if you aren’t careful! Also, alcohol lowers your inhibitions and boosts your appetite. If you are more of a mixed drink dieter than a wine drinker, try using diet juices like Diet Cranberry to save at least 100 calories on your drink!

4) If you’re a foodie like I am, then you just have to try everything at dinner. That’s okay, but stick to small servings of everything and skip the seconds. Eat your plate slowly to enjoy each dish! Make the dinner be about savoring, not stuffing up.

5) Finally, I know the tryptophan in turkey might make your whole family a little sleepy after dinner, but get up for a walk instead of lazying around. You’ll be able to burn off some of that dinner you just consumed, and enjoy doing something active with your family!

I hope my five tips for lightening thanksgiving will help you conquer weight gain this season and help you enjoy the holidays the way they are meant to be enjoyed, with friends and family. Happy and healthy thanksgiving, everyone!

If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s podcast, or any fun health diet or fitness tip, please feel free to email me at LadyDietPodcast at dietdotcom.

This is Lady Diet signing off…

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