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July 11, 2008
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If you’ve got fat-blasting on your agenda, then perhaps you, like me, try to squeeze in a good cardio workout on your dread… err, I mean treadmill. Does anyone else get booored with run of the mill workouts on these contraptions? I can’t be alone when I say that it’s too easy to lose interest in running on a treadmill when you’re staring at a wall or at the sweaty man keeping pace next to you at the gym.

Running would be way more entertaining if you were imagining yourself as part of a high-speed chase or perhaps dodging death, bullets and danger, wouldn’t it?

So this week, let’s give our treadmills a much-needed injection of thrill by pointing you in the direction of a fast-paced action movie sequence to watch while you run. Get your treadmills, DVD players and imaginations ready for…

The Treadthrill Movie Workout!

1. Warm up like Rocky. Everyone knows a real champ gets going for the big fight by dripping sweat up a flight of stairs in a sweet training montage. You may not have a set of Philadelphia library stairs to run up -- or the cinematography skills to create your own montage -- but you can still go the distance like old Rocky and pump your fists in the air at the end of your workout while yelling out “Adriaaaaaaaan!”

2. Amped-up with Uma! Whether you’re checking out the scenes in Kill Bill where Uma’s training with her master, or the one where she’s fighting a soccer mom to the death, you’ll get amped up with Uma while watching this booty-kicking movie. Envision yourself devastating an entire team of the Crazy 88s while you simultaneously slaughter all those calories!

3. The Bourne-again slimmer. Pick a Bourne, any Bourne. The Bourne Trilogy is a fast-moving thrill ride that won’t let your heart rate down. Put yourself in Bourne’s shoes and don’t stop running! Hurry up, they’re all after you! Side-step assassination and kill a few extra calories on the way to fitness!

4. Blowin’ in the wind. There’ve been a slew of bad storms around the country lately, some of which are involving tornadoes, so watching Twister won’t even be that much of a stretch on your imagination. The dialogue in this movie is pretty terrible, but their one main point is, “Look out! Keep running!!! Don’t stop running!! Come on! Keep going!” (And yes, this is the gist of the entire movie’s dialogue, but the flying tractor-and-cow action shots are exhilarating.) So put yourself in their storm-chasing shoes and run awaaaay! Run awaaaay!

The bottom line: your treadmill doesn’t have to be dull and mundane. Sure, you’re essentially running in place for several minutes at a time. But if you’re running with a movie, you can put yourself in the action. Psych yourself up with one of these flicks while you’re on your treadmill, and turn those Hollywood blockbusters into gut-busters!

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Stay cool, stay fit and stay focused with this is Lady Diet signing off!

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