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April 04, 2008
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It’s spring and that means that baseball season is here. Even though Lady Diet is a diehard Boston Red Sox fan, I’ll spare you the Dirty Water and get right to the dirt that all dieting baseball fans want to know: With so many unhealthy options barking out for your attention at the ballpark – Popcorn! Peanuts! Crackerjacks!! – how do you maintain your healthy lifestyle? Digest these quick tips and we’ll make sure you score a home run with your diet as you root, root, root for the home team!

1. Tailgate. Give yourself some control over what you eat on game day by bringing along your own food and hanging out with your cooler and grill in the parking lot. You don’t need to gobble ballpark franks, popcorn, or nachos drowning in some mysterious neon yellow cheese. Can’t picture a day at the park without a hot dog? Pack some turkey dogs and hit the parking lot in slimmin’ style.

2. Walk the half a mile to the beer stand. Burn extra calories by upping it to a jog. Since this beer run will probably take up most of an inning, jogging will expedite the process so you can make it back to your seat in a timely fashion. And be sure to jog to the restroom too when duty calls… and it will!

3. Water down your day. Beer and ballparks go together like… well, like beer and ballparks. If you must drink to enjoy your outing, make it light beers. They taste great but are less filling. At least that’s what Miller tells us. You should also sip on a large water between each beer.

4. Start the wave. Then chase it around the stadium and see if you can keep up without bowling over too many other fans. Rest for 5 minutes. Pose for the Jumbo-Tron. Repeat.

5. Check out your options. You’ve probably got more healthy options at your local ballpark than you’re realizing. The world is becoming more health-conscious, and baseball parks are following suit! Lots of stadiums now offer things like corn on the cob, unbuttered popcorn, and frozen yogurt. So be fair to your diet and scope out the less-creepy cuisine

We know that you’re probably not a big-bucks athlete who can call on his personal trainer to help make the healthiest game-day decisions. If springtime means it’s time for you to sample America’s favorite pastime, keep your diet on your side with these tips for your stadium experience.


If you have any comments or suggestions about today’s podcast or any fun health diet or fitness tip, please feel free to email me at ladydietpodcast@diet.com.

Stay healthy, stay fit and stay focused with Diet.com... this is Lady Diet signing off!

…Go Red Sox!

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