Photo Privacy Policy

Including photos on your user profile is a fun and convenient way for other users to get to know you. Whether you are sharing tips and stories or staying in contact with your local support group, adding photos gives your profile a personal touch!

At we understand how exciting it is to share photos of pets, vacations and other personal images, but please only post photos that you are pictured in (basically, if you want to show us Mount Everest, we need to see you climbing it!).

Your photos are an expression of who you are. Being creative and keeping your pictures updated will help to make your profile stand out. This is your opportunity to let the world see the amazing person behind your profile, so choose your photos wisely!

Photos posted on are meant to promote an online community of supporters and friends. Therefore, please refrain from posting any photos that are not relevant to this goal or that can be deemed inappropriate. Remember, is not primarily a photo sharing site and your photos should stay specific to's objective.

Please be aware the some restrictions do apply to the uploading of photos at The sharing of any pornographic, violent or objectionable photos is restricted. Photos of children alone and/or childhood pictures of yourself are also not permitted. Please selective and tasteful with photos you select.

* has the right to remove any photos that may be found offensive or inappropriate.

To protect your privacy and security, do not upload any photos with personal contact information such as your name, address, phone number, email address, instant messenger screen name or website URLS. Posting any contact information puts your security at risk.

REPORT A PHOTO - If you see any photos on that do not conform to this policy, please email

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