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Welcome to the HealthFirst Wellness Program!

Harvard Pilgrimís HealthFirst Wellness Program rewards you for taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle. As the contract holder, i.e., subscriber of the plan, youíre eligible to participate. If youíre enrolled in a family plan, your spouse must participate too.

To be eligible, you must complete the following:

  • Establish and continue a relationship with a PCP
  • Complete the health questionnaire (HRA)
  • Remain smoke-free or participate in our smoking cessation program
  • Obtain and report your body mass index (BMI), a blood pressure (BP) reading and your blood glucose and cholesterol levels
  • The health management program depending on your personal health information

Upon meeting these goals you will receive a reward of $200. [Note: Maximum of $200 per contract, i.e., married couple.]

To be eligible for your reward, you must complete our Health Management Program if you have high levels on your cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure or BMI. If you have normal levels, participating in this program is optional.

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Have questions about HealthFirst? Please call Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Member Services at 888.333.4742 for program information. For questions about the HealthFirst Wellness program website, email us at healthfirstwellness@diet.com

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