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Message Board ( 16 Topics ) > Eight of the most common foods that may cause your allergies

Posted at: 5:52 am on June 09, 2017
Last Post By: @ 5:52 am on Jun 09, 2017
Allergies can occur when a person is susceptible to particular food products or elements present in the surrounding. This vulnerability on individual items is due by the overreaction of the immune system. The immune system of the body is present to protect a person from harmful bacteria or other foreign bodies that can cause health complications.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction

There are certain products which are usually not deemed as harmful, but the immune system of a person's body reacts against that element by treating it as a bad foreign body. This can also be regarded as hypersensitivity. When such a reaction occurs, a person observes swelling in the facial area and the neck region.

The function of the digestive system is also impaired to a certain extent if the allergen has reached the gastrointestinal tract. This allergic reaction can also include a rash on the body if the allergen enters the circulatory system of the body.

The symptoms of allergies http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Allergies/Pages/Symptoms.aspx differ significantly from person to person.

The most common allergy-causing food products include the following:

• Eggs
• Fish
• Milk
• Nuts
• Peanuts
• Shellfish
• Soy

This is not a comprehensive list of allergens because several other products can induce an allergic reaction in an individual but these products are known to cause allergies in most people.

People who are prone to allergies usually tend to avoid the products mentioned above.

The procedure for getting tested for allergens medically

Medical history plays an important part in making a correct medical diagnosis so when one makes an appointment with an allergist http://www.londonallergy.com/appointments/ it is important to discuss any medical problems that the person is suffering from. Allergy test for picking out allergy-causing food products is done by applying two different methods. One is done by sampling the blood of the patient, and another is done on the skin.

Testing allergens on the skin http://www.londonallergy.com/ are further divided into two processes. The first is done by introducing a sample of allergens on the skin externally, and another is done by inserting a sample of allergens below the epidermal layer of the skin via an injection.

The injected sample will form a small bulge on the skin which will be measured after some time to detect any changes in size.
The result of the allergy will give the individual a complete idea about the products that he/she needs to avoid to minimise reactions of the immune system caused by the enlisted allergens in the medical report.

Looking out for allergic tendencies

It might be okay and cost effective to test for different allergy-causing food stuff on one's own and then avoiding those in the future if there is any reaction. However, if there is any severe reaction, then it will not be possible to manage the situation. Hence along with identifying the reason behind mild allergies on one's own it is prudent to take an allergy test to evade severe complications.

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