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Stephen Cabral, CPT/CSCS is the author of Fatlossity as well as founder and director of FitLife by StephenCabral.com. The Diet.com video contributor has been an active member of the fitness and personal training community for over 10 years. His passion has led him all over the country in pursuit of continuing to further his education, certifications, and health & fitness philosophies.

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Fit Life with Stephen Cabral
by Stephen Cabral, Fitness Professional

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Life-Changing Story of Inspiration
posted @ 7:41pm ET on October 8, 2008 Last night on the Biggest Loser one of the contestants, Phillip, made an extremely powerful statement that I think you can personally benefit from ...
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Create a Better Body Video Workout Series!
posted @ 2:00pm ET on October 3, 2008 Create a Better Body Workout Series! (watch the video below) I just got the word from Diet.com that our latest workout video series is set to be ...
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The #1 Way to Lose Weight and Reshape Your Body
posted @ 7:24pm ET on September 22, 2008 Right now I'm sitting in a room of 150 of the top fitness pros in the world. It's being held in Connecticut and there are literally fitness gurus ...
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Video: Train Like an Olympian!
posted @ 1:00pm ET on August 28, 2008 I don't know about you, but I can't get over how amazing the Olympic athletes were this year. They seemed to be smashing world records at every ...
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Displaying posts 187-190 of 190 results

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