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With his penchant for bad puns and silly wordplay, The Daily Comic, aka Tee Hee, is a good fit in his role as cartoon poster and joke passer. While you won’t feel an actual photograph of this shy wiseguy, you will get a good idea of his taste in humor from the cartoon he uses to highlight his blog.

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The Daily Comic
by Tee Hee, Humor Resources Coordinator

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Today's 'Toon: He Did The Mash...
posted @ 8:46am ET on April 30, 2008 We all do things to try to pump up the results of our workouts. Back in my college days I used to don a rubber top before I ran a few miles. Another ...
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Amazingly Simple (and STUPID) Home Remedies!
posted @ 8:24am ET on April 30, 2008 A friend of mine sent me the following in one of those mass-send emails that we love to hate. But a funny thing happened - this one made me laugh. So ...
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Today's 'Toon: Catty About Death & Dieting
posted @ 9:10am ET on April 29, 2008 Wow, it turns out curiosity didn't kill the cat... who knew? The kitty's kick-off was a combination of the same factors that besiege you and me each ...
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Caption Contest 3: It's Out Of This World!
posted @ 9:42am ET on April 25, 2008 Even if your humor is alien to your friends, you have a chance to win the weekly Diet.com "You Write the Caption" contest. Simply look at the image ...
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Today's 'Toon: Fat Dogs & Narrow Doors
posted @ 10:02am ET on April 24, 2008 Pudgy pets... I can relate. Our dog groomer once scolded us because our Golden Retriever, Scruffy, was approaching 100 pounds. I don't think the ...
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Today's 'Toon: Pimp My Treadmill!
posted @ 8:44am ET on April 23, 2008 The simple things in life may be free, but who wants the simple things? We live by the mantra BIGGER IS BETTER -- and that includes everything from ...
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Displaying posts 37-42 of 69 results

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