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With his penchant for bad puns and silly wordplay, The Daily Comic, aka Tee Hee, is a good fit in his role as cartoon poster and joke passer. While you won’t feel an actual photograph of this shy wiseguy, you will get a good idea of his taste in humor from the cartoon he uses to highlight his blog.

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The Daily Comic
by Tee Hee, Humor Resources Coordinator

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Death To Fat!
posted @ 11:50am ET on May 15, 2008 The first three letters of the word diet are DIE... Coincidence? I think not! In the past, when I started a diet I sometimes wanted to die... but ...
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Food Funny: No Cals, Plenty of Roughage!
posted @ 11:07am ET on May 14, 2008 Have you ever been so hungry you felt like you could eat the pages of a magazine that features great food images? Or have you ever wanted to lick ...
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A Funny Thing About Chain Letters....
posted @ 5:05pm ET on May 13, 2008 The Daily Comic blog is not only a receptacle for the daily comic. That would make too much sense. No, the idea here is to provide a place where ...
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Today's Funny: Go Granny, Go!
posted @ 10:46am ET on May 13, 2008 Admit it. When you think of "old people" you think of frail, brittle-boned, shuffling men and women. It doesn't have to be that way. Diet.com ...
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There's No Food Sharing With A Dieter
posted @ 1:27pm ET on May 12, 2008 I have a habit that drives my wife bonkers. When I am dieting, I REFUSE to share even a small bite with her... or even my children. It's a bad habit ...
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Caption Contest #5: A Wheelie Big Show
posted @ 1:57pm ET on May 9, 2008 Youz guys better start playing the game with your old pal Tee Hee... I want CAPTIONS... captions that'll make me laugh and maybe cause milk to shoot ...
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Displaying posts 25-30 of 69 results

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