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John’s “common man” approach, which strikes a chord with many overweight Americans, was honed during his 10-year career in the weight loss industry. As Mr. Bad Food, he warns you of fast food, restaurant and supermarket landmines.

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Mr. Bad Food
by John McGran, Food columnist

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Mr. Bad Food's 10 Hot Grilling Tips!
posted @ 9:45am ET on May 22, 2009 May. What a great month. There's May flowers (and an end to April showers)... there's Mother's Day... there's the Indianapolis 500... and then ...
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Burning Calories While Spring Cleaning!
posted @ 7:00am ET on March 26, 2009 So you woke this morning craving an Egg McMuffin, but your diet side of your brain says NO WAY! Go ahead... treat yourself to an egg and cheese ...
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Mr. Bad Food: Beware 'The I'ds of March!'
posted @ 9:00am ET on March 19, 2009 Anyone forced to read Shakespeare at school is probably familiar with the term the "Ides of March." It describes the middle of March, but is probably ...
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St. Patty’s Day: Drink to Your Health
posted @ 9:00am ET on March 13, 2009 Raise your glass and toast your health. This St. Patty’s Day, you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages and still stick with your diet. All ...
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Gulp! 20 Worst Foods In America
posted @ 10:00am ET on February 18, 2009 As Mr. Bad Food, I've sampled a lot of really bad foods. I'm not talking bad as in taste. No, I'm talking about bad as in bad for you... foods that ...
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A Super Bowl Of Bad Eats
posted @ 9:00am ET on January 30, 2009 Hundreds of millions will watch the big game... billions of dollars will be gambled on its outcome... and tons of pounds will be gained during the ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 45 results

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