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Dramatic Increase in Teen Obesity Surgeries
posted @ 11:51am ET on March 6, 2007 The number of U.S. children having obesity surgery has tripled, rising at a pace that could mean more than 1,000 such operations this year, new ...
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Obesity Leads to High Risk in Drugs and Cancer
posted @ 10:54am ET on March 5, 2007 Obesity or a high-fat diet can put you at an increased risk for sensitivity to drugs that are not toxic in healthy people, cancer, and even death ...
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French Tighten Rules on Junk Food Ads
posted @ 11:01am ET on March 2, 2007 With the image that French women don't get fat becoming blurred with the rise in processed foods, the French government has taken action and ...
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Lower Your Insurance with a Healthy BMI
posted @ 11:21am ET on March 1, 2007 A company in the U.S. is giving customers a new source of motivation to stay fit by lowering the cost of life insurance rates to clients who maintain ...
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Can Vitamins Kill You?
posted @ 11:36am ET on February 28, 2007 While tens of millions of us pop a daily antioxidant vitamin thinking it will lengthen our lives, an analysis of dozens of studies on the supplements ...
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2,000 calories plus for dinner!?
posted @ 11:03am ET on February 27, 2007 New research suggests that many popular chain restaurants are serving up dishes that may contain as many calories as what the USDA recommends for an ...
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Displaying posts 367-372 of 379 results

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