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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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The Health Advocate
by Hannah Whittenly, The Health Advocate

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5 Benefits of Eating Organic Foods
posted @ 12:25pm ET on January 15, 2018 The recent takeover of organic food retailer Whole Foods by Amazon is eloquent testimony to the surging popularity of organic foods. Organic ...
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Diet Pills: How They're Made and Distributed
posted @ 11:14am ET on January 12, 2018 Humans have pursued diets for many decades. Many early humans used a variety of plants and herbs to curb their appetite and reduce their weight. ...
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Diet Tricks: How to Boost Your Metabolism
posted @ 2:03pm ET on January 10, 2018 Metabolism is the collection of processes that occur in the body that creates energy from the food that a person eats. People with a faster ...
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How to Create Your Own Personalized Nutrition Plan
posted @ 11:28am ET on January 9, 2018 When you’re trying to eat healthier, one of the things that you can do is make a personalized nutrition plan. There are templates online, or ...
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4 Tips for Feeling Great About Your Body
posted @ 3:57pm ET on January 8, 2018 Many people feed themselves a steady stream of negative self-talk throughout the day. You may subconsciously tell yourself that you look fat, old ...
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How to Survive a Protein-Centered Diet
posted @ 10:55am ET on December 28, 2017 The importance of weight management in maintaining overall health has been supported by many scientific studies. For individuals who need to lose ...
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Displaying posts 31-36 of 99 results

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