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Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

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The Health Advocate
by Hannah Whittenly, The Health Advocate

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3 Health Benefits of Using Protein Powder
posted @ 4:41pm ET on September 13, 2019 Most of us know that protein is highly beneficial for the human body, yet most of us do not consume enough of it on a daily basis. It is often ...
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4 Nutrients to Supplement that You Might Be Missin
posted @ 10:02am ET on September 13, 2019 It’s no secret that many Americans have major gaps in their diets. No matter how healthy you eat, you are likely missing some type of vitamin, ...
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4 Ways to Add Fruits and Vegetables to Your Meals
posted @ 1:21pm ET on September 11, 2019 It can be pretty challenging to get into the habit of consistently eating healthy meals on a regular basis. However, as you get older, you’ll ...
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Got Nutrition? 4 Ways to Help Support Your Health
posted @ 10:57am ET on September 3, 2019 Many factors play a role in keeping you healthy. Good health is essential for decreasing your risk of life-threatening conditions. These include ...
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4 Kid-Friendly Dairy Free Adjustments
posted @ 7:37pm ET on August 26, 2019 If you have a child with food sensitivities, you know that while there are tons of choices for purchasing allergy-friendly foods, the cost can be ...
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Food Matters: 4 Health Benefits of Eating Seasonal
posted @ 12:31pm ET on August 20, 2019 Eating food just tastes good. It tastes even better when it is in season. You should be eating your food as close to its natural season as possible ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 191 results

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