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CPT & Certified Nutrition Specialist, is the author of the international best-seller, The Truth about Six Pack Abs (TruthAboutAbs.com), with over 263,000 readers in 154 countries. Mike is also the co-author of the popular nutrition program, The Fat Burning Kitchen. In addition, Mike publishes the popular Lean-Body Secrets ezine with over 710,000 subscribers worldwide.

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The Truth About Abs
by Mike Geary, Best-Selling Fitness Author

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How REAL Butter Can Make You Leaner
posted @ 6:00am ET on April 25, 2011 If you've read my book or my articles for some time, you know I'm a big fan of REAL butter... and NOT margarine. In fact, I would NEVER, EVER ...
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The Healthiest New Fast Food Option
posted @ 6:00am ET on March 7, 2011 When you're traveling, sometimes it's not the easiest task to find healthy food options - especially if your only options are fast food joints. I ...
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Bad Nutrition Advice from The Biggest Loser?
posted @ 6:00am ET on February 28, 2011 I have to admit... up until this season, I had never watched that much of the Biggest Loser TV show. And although I've heard a lot of people ...
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Fat-Burning Chili Recipe
posted @ 6:00am ET on February 14, 2011 I was surprised to find that many people don't realize that chili can be a VERY healthy meal. And no, this does NOT mean you have to use turkey or ...
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Is Your Nutrition Bar A Candy Bar in Disguise?
posted @ 7:00am ET on December 20, 2010 There are so many types of "health bars" on the market today, how do you know if you're actually buying something healthy or junk food in ...
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Frill-Free Turkey & Bean Recipe
posted @ 8:00am ET on December 13, 2010 I wanted to tell you about yet another new healthy lunch recipe that I came up with recently. As you probably already figured out, I'm always trying ...
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Displaying posts 19-24 of 40 results

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