• Starting Weight: 262 lbs
  • Goal Weight: 120 lbs
  • Current Weight: 141.0 lbs
  • Why I joined Wanting to not be fat for the last few years of my twenties! I was just browsing and I liked the community feel so I joined just in time for the fresh start challenge. I have been more motivated since I have joined this site than ever before! I have los

My Blog - ShannonKristine back to reality
We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Its very easy to fall into feeling like YOU have so much to do that you dont have time for the important ...
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Just joined the challenge

January 18, 2010
As most of you know, dieting and exercising will be a lifelong plan that you will have to maintain. I am because over the holidays I ...
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Happy New year- Happy new you!

December 31, 2009
I cant believe it has been 2 years since I found WOW! Happy New year to all and know that ANYTHING is possible!
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Just checking in

April 24, 2009
Hey everybody! I am just checking in have been sick with pneumonia for about a month and a half! It was horrible! I am still at 139 but have faith I ...
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Did my pilates!

January 14, 2009
Yesterday I decided that today was the day I would do some pilates! Well I did it! I actually enjoyed it, however my booty did not LOL
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One small step

January 14, 2009
Lately I have been reading a lot about what the difference of making one small change in your life for even just 31 days can make. Often times we ...
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