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My Blog - CSL-Chat!
Whether you've got Irish ancestry or not, you're certainly aware of the upcoming St. Patrick's Day holiday :) And - again, whether you're Irish or ...
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Will you be watching TBG (The Big Game) this Sunday? Whether you're rooting for the Patriots (like ME!) or the Seahawks, you deserve to have some ...
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Hey Diet.com members! I'm re-posting this below blog, to help members who would like to know how to add an image to your blog! **** Today I ...
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Hey Diet.com members! Would you believe that I am still sore from a workout that I did on FRIDAY?! Whooo, my buns were feeling it hehe! A couple ...
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My Workouts!

May 1, 2014
Hey Diet.com members! I hope you're all doing well :) I'm really excited because my mother is coming to visit me today in Vancouver - all the way ...
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Quick & Easy Diet Tips

April 30, 2014
Hey Diet.com members! Sticking to a healthy diet can be tricky sometimes - there are all sorts of temptations around that are begging you to ...
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