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One day at a time

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posted @ 5:13am ET on October 6, 2011 Hey bloggers! 5am random wakeup and I realize I didn't do a Wednesday blog. Tea has become my breakfast which is bad but it curbs my appetite and ...
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posted @ 10:00pm ET on October 4, 2011 Today I went food shopping and resisted on all snacks EXCEPT these new Oreo Neapolitan cookies and Chips Ahoy Chewy Cookies. You need at least one or ...
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Case of the Mondays
posted @ 2:01am ET on October 4, 2011 Today was an exhausting day. Only because it was Monday. I drank lots of tea. For lunch I had a crossaint and for dinner I made some whole wheat ...
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posted @ 12:12am ET on October 3, 2011 Just a quick thank you to everyone that reads my blog and the people that comment. I never knew people really cared about others' journeys including ...
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Sunday Funday
posted @ 11:57pm ET on October 2, 2011 Hey everyone! Today was a regular day. I started my morning off with tea then I had an early Sunday dinner which is tradition at home with my Mom. ...
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posted @ 12:50am ET on October 2, 2011 It's Saturday! Well it was and today was good. I got my hurr did lol and eating wise it wasnt so bad. I had some Chinese and didn't eat it out of ...
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Displaying posts 7-12 of 18 results

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