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The Final 10!

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posted @ 2:30pm ET on January 4, 2012 Goodness. Sitting is nice. Yes. Yes it is. Yesterday I went to my brazilian dance class and spent a lot of time on my tip-toes (which is always ...
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Weight Loss Challenge!
posted @ 4:40am ET on January 3, 2012 A positive attitude this morning! Am excited about the beginning of the weight loss challenge as I always seemed to miss them, or find out about ...
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PowerPlate- Is it Cheating?
posted @ 2:50pm ET on December 30, 2011 So, I got a Powerplate for christmas. Well, I'll rephrase that so it doesn't seem like I'm a terribly lazy person who chose an easy machine over a ...
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Hello Again!
posted @ 9:39am ET on December 29, 2011 No, this is not another 'oh dear it's New Years, I'd better do something' type post. I'm actually doing pretty well. I haven't really lost as much ...
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Burn Baby! Burn!
posted @ 6:05am ET on July 19, 2011 Okay, so, I've been away, and now I'm back, fired up and ready to go! I have 72 days until I go travelling! So I better bloody hurry up! I ...
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Monday Morning again!
posted @ 3:13am ET on March 28, 2011 Okay, I admit it, I'm not weighing in this morning, because I know it won't be good news. I'd rather have a good day today, and weigh in tomorrow. ...
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Displaying posts 55-60 of 85 results

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