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The Final 10!

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posted @ 4:32pm ET on January 18, 2012 Okay, so I've found zumba, and like everyone else, I'm addicted. Been twice this week, will go three times if the class is on. I love it. On my ...
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Wahey! Doing Well!
posted @ 11:45am ET on January 14, 2012 So, after buying a decent set of scales (one that somehow measures body fat percentage and water percentage- not convinced) it appears that I"m doing ...
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posted @ 8:05am ET on January 12, 2012 So according to Wii fit this morning, I've lost six pounds. In three days. Except that now I'm back to the weight I thought I was at the ...
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Not the best start...
posted @ 3:32am ET on January 9, 2012 I don't understand! I've been so good! I held off weighing myself to start the challenge off, and have been extra good to make sure when I stepped on ...
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Pretty Darn Good!
posted @ 12:43pm ET on January 7, 2012 So, I was very upset with myself yesterday. I was cold and hungry all day and ended up caving in and having a little bit of yule log. To be fair, I ...
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Weight Loss Diary
posted @ 6:48am ET on January 6, 2012 So, yes, I've been finding typing in my thoughts here is really helpful. And even when I'm not 'doing something' actively, just thinking about it ...
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Displaying posts 49-54 of 85 results

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