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The Final 10!

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Woohoo for Monday!
posted @ 3:55pm ET on January 28, 2013 So, I'm weighing in tomorrow, to get a final one, as I weighed myself on Friday and found myself down 1.5 pounds. So I'm hoping maybe I'll be a ...
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Almost End of the Week!
posted @ 9:26am ET on January 26, 2013 You know, I don't think I realised how easy it is to eat well when you really enjoy it! Yesterday, I ate a Mcdonalds for the first time in ages ...
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Good Start!
posted @ 6:16am ET on January 23, 2013 Yay! Back to the gym today! Feeling good, returned home after burning 550 calories (I end up missing the gym when I take a break and can push myself ...
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Inches but no Pounds.
posted @ 6:51am ET on January 22, 2013 Okay, so no weightloss this week (although I think, it might be something to do with when I weigh. If I have a treat Sunday, I should really weigh in ...
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A couple of mini realisations
posted @ 12:49pm ET on January 21, 2013 So, after realising I lost a pound (and a fair few inches) last week, I decided to do the usual 'try on all the clothes that look okay but would look ...
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Snow Day means lazy day!
posted @ 4:05pm ET on January 18, 2013 So it's snowing like mad in jolly old London, and as usual, everything grinds to a halt! Did go and play in the snow with the dog, but for the most ...
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Displaying posts 13-18 of 85 results

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