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P90X Journey

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plyometrics today...
posted @ 7:36pm ET on July 8, 2010 Well, seriously I should almost by on week three of p90x, but i've skipped a few days here and there. like, I'd do a few days, take a day off or ...
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Week 2 Day 1
posted @ 11:30pm ET on July 3, 2010 Did the chest/back and ab ripper workout for p90x.. i skipped a few days here and there, like one day i didn't wokr out, then the next i would, ...
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Lastnite's routine
posted @ 2:20pm ET on June 25, 2010 So, tonite I will be starting day 4 of p90x. Anyway, I'd like to sort of brag how proud I am of myself for lastnite's routine. Hubby had done the ...
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posted @ 10:39pm ET on June 24, 2010 Soooo I started P90X workout tuesday night and man oh man, it's hard and keeps you moving and working the muscles so hard. First exercise day was ...
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i need a workout partner
posted @ 8:34pm ET on June 11, 2010 Ok, so today i walked to the mall because it's my day off and i wanted something to eat. the mall is a block from my house it was hot outside. i hate ...
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Today's stuff....
posted @ 9:33pm ET on May 29, 2010 Well, i exercised today..haven't exercised in a few days... decided i needed to, and it was a new exercise routine from katrina and karina's Tone It ...
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Displaying posts 13-18 of 95 results

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