• Starting Weight: 187 lbs
  • Goal Weight: 128 lbs
  • Current Weight: 185.0 lbs
  • Why I joined Diet.com: need to get healthier and just plain sick of being fat

My Blog - Fresh Start
Back Again

January 24, 2016
After some successful weight loss and really feeling healthy and fit, I had a bad year and have packed on almost 50 pounds. I have too many health ...
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Bad diet week

October 26, 2010
I did nothing in the exercise department this week, and very little dieting. I was busy at work and went out with friends. I didnt watch my diet at ...
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October 12, 2010
I am wondering if anyone does the P90X workouts. I am doing them 3 times a week, I just can't do it everyday, too intense, so I am trying ...
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October 9, 2010
I somehow gained two pounds, I think it is because I missed a couple of days of exercise, I was sick. I am kind of frustrated, and hoping to lose ...
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October 3, 2010
My daughter wants to get some cupcakes for her birthday treat, but not just any cupcakes, they are chocolate topped with chocolate covered bacon, ...
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I have lost 5 lbs already and I have to say that I am pretty excited. Usually I loss only 1 lb to .5 lb a week so this loss is really making me very ...
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