• Starting Weight: 165 lbs
  • Goal Weight: 137 lbs
  • Current Weight: 165.0 lbs
  • Why I joined I need people pushing me to work out regularly and eat healthy

My Blog - Let ' working out' never get boring
Hi Everyone, I attend a Womens'Support Group every Thursday, where we share our experiences of the past week. I usually am not an avid ...
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100% laughter

April 5, 2016
Hi Everybody. Like I have mentioned in my last post, my last weekend was spent at the Yoga Show. They had a lot of Yoga schools give 30 mins yoga ...
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Hi Everybody, Although, I am not sure anyone even follows my blog any more since I have been inactive for so long. A lot of things happened in ...
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New Year Resolutions!

February 4, 2013
Hi Guys, Its been awhile:) One of my new year resolutions has been to start doing yoga more regularly,and guess what,yes,its working out.I am ...
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Holiday treats

January 3, 2013
Hi everyone, Holidays are almost over and so are all the 'comfort food dinners'.Need to detox now and get back to the gym.My mom is Russian so had ...
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tuna with whole weat noodles

December 2, 2012
Hi guys, Like I mentioned in my last blog,I have been trying to eat a lot of grains.Full day at work barely leaves time for me to do cooking so I ...
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