• Starting Weight: 180 lbs
  • Goal Weight: 170 lbs
  • Current Weight: 177.0 lbs
  • Why I joined Diet.com: Friends, Wife

My Blog - Life in the Emergency Room
It's a carnie life for me

October 4, 2011
Ok, so I haven't committed to quitting my job and heading out on the Carnival, especially after a taste of "Fair Life". Not that there is anything ...
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The Day After

October 3, 2011
So far, so good, as the saying goes. I managed to get my 30 minutes of exercise in and have been good on my diet so far, although the selection is ...
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The anniversary edition

October 2, 2011
Exactly one year ago to the day, my wife Ann and I were married. We just celebrated with an abbreviated weekend in Nantucket. We had a great time, ...
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Island time

October 1, 2011
It is early Saturday morning. I'm up early, far too early than I should be! But today, my wife and I are headed to Nantucket for a little weekend ...
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Weekend Update

September 30, 2011
If I were Dennis Miller, or even Kevin Nealon, I might have a list of headlines accompanied by witty retorts, but sadly I am just me, an emergency ...
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What is in a blog?

September 29, 2011
What is in a blog? Is it the entertainment to the masses? Is it the essence of myself, like a fine whiskey distilled and aged perfectly in fine oak ...
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