• Starting Weight: 178 lbs
  • Goal Weight: 135 lbs
  • Current Weight: 190.0 lbs
  • Why I joined I have another account on here, but I decided to start all over. I want to be healthier and thinner. Just looking for a support group since I can\'t afford weight watchers or anything like that.

My Blog - My Journey
My new apartment is right next to Lake Lynn and it's walking trail. My boyfriend and I have walked around it once before. Today I decided to walk ...
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The starting numbers.....

March 10, 2016
.... and boy are they not good at all. I'm worse off than I thought I was. Taking my beginning measurements today was such a huge eye opener. Now ...
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So it's been about a year since I was last on here for my attempt at jump-starting my diet and wellness plan. I think I posted about two blogs and ...
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Still gym hunting

February 17, 2015
So its been a while since I made my "come back" to I have been so busy lately getting my show closed at the theatre that it didn't leave me ...
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Once more, with feeling!

February 1, 2015
Well hello hello once again, my friends! It has been an ETERNITY it feels like since I have been on here. And quite honestly, I have made absolutely ...
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So yesterday I weighed in at 171. Up a pound. Meh. It didn't really phase me as much as I would have thought. I just got up, got showered and dressed ...
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