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My Journey

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Still gym hunting
posted @ 10:48pm ET on February 17, 2015 So its been a while since I made my "come back" to I have been so busy lately getting my show closed at the theatre that it didn't leave me ...
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Once more, with feeling!
posted @ 10:50pm ET on February 1, 2015 Well hello hello once again, my friends! It has been an ETERNITY it feels like since I have been on here. And quite honestly, I have made absolutely ...
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A different kind of support, please!
posted @ 7:58pm ET on July 15, 2014 So yesterday I weighed in at 171. Up a pound. Meh. It didn't really phase me as much as I would have thought. I just got up, got showered and dressed ...
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Down a bit more!
posted @ 11:58am ET on July 7, 2014 I just woke up (yeah I realize it's nearly noon... but I don't get to sleep in much so sue me :-P) and today is already shaping up to be a pretty ...
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Thoughts on Garcinia Cambogia?
posted @ 11:02pm ET on July 2, 2014 This past weekend I went to the Vitamin World in the mall I work at and spoke to someone that worked there about Garcinia Cambogia. I had read a few ...
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On my way!
posted @ 9:15am ET on June 30, 2014 I actually felt pretty confident getting on the scale today. However, I spent most of yesterday sick in bed with some sort of weird two-day long ...
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Displaying posts 1-6 of 292 results

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