Losing Half of Me

  • Starting Weight: 301 lbs
  • Goal Weight: 175 lbs
  • Current Weight: 371.0 lbs
  • Why I joined Diet.com: Keep in touch with others to experience our journey together.

My Blog - My 400 Calorie Fix
I'm Back Blogging

October 30, 2011
Ok so I haven't been on here in about 5 mos. I don't know why-just super busy. I looked through the first 3 pages and only saw 3 people I ...
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I Didn't Make It

April 24, 2011
I did not make my 60# goal by my one year anniversary, which is officially today. I did lost 57 pounds the first year. So I am proud of that. I ...
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Today's Food Diary

April 22, 2011
I was off for Good Friday...Did the grocery shopping, registered the car, and Easter shopping..oH and a haircut. Six hours of errands. Wish I had ...
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Easter and Crap

April 22, 2011
Well I am pretty religious. I don't wear it on my shirt sleeve or try to shove it down people's throats. So if you didn't know that is why. Any ...
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I Want to Like Brown Rice

April 19, 2011
I want to like brown rice, but I've tried it multiple times and I can't do it. So once again I made white rice tonight...Any tips on eating brown ...
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Had a good day

April 18, 2011
I am on cloud 9 for the most part. I took the middle school English test a month ago. I thought it was hard, and today I got my results. Almost a ...
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