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Displaying posts 1-4 of 13 results from June 2007

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NYC's Trans Fat Fight
posted @ 11:53am ET on June 28, 2007 New York City’s ban on trans fats in cooking oils becoming effective July 1 and most fast-food chains say they have already converted to ...
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Cheap Calories Have Hidden Costs
posted @ 12:40pm ET on June 26, 2007 Experts point out that “convenience” foods cause Americans to eat more, pay less, consume fewer nutrients, and damage the environment. While ...
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Obesity Misconceptions a Problem In the U.S.
posted @ 12:36pm ET on June 23, 2007 A new obesity survey shows that many Americans are in denial about their need to lose weight and are not being told by their doctor to do so. The ...
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Americans Too Sweet on Sweets
posted @ 1:42pm ET on June 21, 2007 With the national average of refined sugar intake up 23% in the last 25 years, doctors are concerned that Americans are consuming far too many ...
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Displaying posts 1-4 of 13 results

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