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Dr. Diet, is here to provide you with the best diet, fitness and nutrition tips and news. As a respected expert in the field of Health and Wellness, he's passionate about helping folks take control of their health and lose weight. And he does it all while "walking the walk" when it comes to eating healthy and being physically active!

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Walk the Talk
posted @ 12:00am ET on June 29, 2007 Physicians should be prescribing exercise for every patient on every visit, say 2 major medical groups. More than half of Americans do not get the ...
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Unwanted Pounds
posted @ 12:00am ET on June 27, 2007 Becoming a parent affects your workout habits more than getting married, according to a new study which showed that new parents were more likely to ...
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Portion Packs
posted @ 12:00am ET on June 25, 2007 Portion packs are in and supersizing is out, according to a new report. About 1/3 of Americans use single-serving packs to help control the amount of ...
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Sugary Cereals
posted @ 12:00am ET on June 18, 2007 Say bye bye to Fruit Loops, Apple Jack cereals and Pop-Tarts which will no longer be advertised to young children on Saturday morning television, ...
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Displaying posts 1-4 of 9 results

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