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Sarah Dussault, a name you may recognize as Senior Video Producer here at, brings the Diet Diva character to life with her sometimes biting, sometimes funny, always interesting takes on life and our passion for celebrities and their weight loss methods. The Diet Diva never shies away from a fight, but is always fair with her commentary.

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Celebrities and Diet
by Sarah Dussault, Celebrities & Weight Loss blogger

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Displaying posts 1-4 of 3 results from September 2008

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The New 90210 Girls Too Skinny?
posted @ 2:00pm ET on September 25, 2008 Is that CW show 90210 hurting the body acceptance movement? I think this show is the worst thing for girls' self esteem since Photoshop was first ...
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No. 1 Health Food You've Never Heard Of
posted @ 1:50pm ET on September 15, 2008 I want to know the best foods to eat. The more I know, the more I eat because I want to get my recommended daily value of all things keeping my body ...
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Back To School Workout: Prevent The Freshman 15
posted @ 1:16pm ET on September 8, 2008 September is "Back To School" month. I don't care if you are 30 years old with no kids or a grandmother who hasn't seen a school bus since the move ...
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Displaying posts 1-4 of 3 results

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