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Sporadic times of getting online lol ;) I am working on finding a before/current pic, so maybe soon?
Right now I'm kind of in a ditch.. but hey.. not gaining back... so I'm not stressing it. A bit disappointed.. but it happens!

Missing my oldest :/ went to see him last night @ scout camp though :) <3 He'll be back Sat... then I can have some noise around here lol.. Girls were Mega-Mega bad with the neighbor kid (more on him.. but grrr @ girls) so... they're grounded..and stuck helping Mom clear out the house of anything I touch lol (major "spring" cleaning going on here!!)

26days to D-Day, still doing remodels and updates on the house... keeping positive that kids & I will get to keep it :)

Looking at finishing up the 1/2 done projects so that I can start actually working at dropping a bit more weight, but also at toning up where I have dropped :)
Kid's are wanting the beach soon... and for the first time in yearssssss... I'm joining them :) that in itself is amazing lol :)

Happy SummerTime everyone !! :)

~ Keep Smiling ~

@ 6:05pm ET on June 25, 2014
Good luck with your projects!! What sorts of things are you doing around the house?

@ 1:40pm ET on July 2, 2014
Hey there - just checking in on you :) How's everything going?

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