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Well, it is now May 2014 !!!

and.. for a just over a month now... it's been me and my kiddies !! and MAN... things just keep getting better... even when there are setbacks !!

I am currently sitting at 201 !!!!!!!! Down from the 223/220 back in December 2013 :D :D Golly.. that doesn't seem like much when I look in the mirror.. but WOW can I say ... at an average of 5# per month... Im still happy with it !! :)

things are looking better.. with kids.. with work.. with homelife... with being less stressed about things when someone else steps in to help !!

There's always going to be the thought of why didn't I do this years ago... well.. okay.. a divorce before now would have been best yes!! but so would knowing it was that bad (yea.. we knew it was bad.. but WOW the extent of it? no clue :( )
But.. its over, it's happening..and we will be totally free in the next few months!! :) :)

Loving Life, Having a Fantastic time with kids and family !!! <3 and no better feeling than watching my kids thrive in the new life we are living <3 <3

:) Can't wait for nicer weather though!!! watch that 5# a month go up.. and getting toned up a bit will be great :) :)

@ 1:55pm ET on May 5, 2014
HELLLLLLLO! I love that you came to check back in with us - we'd missed you! Congrats on all the weight loss since December! That's so awesome and inspirational. A healthy rate of weight loss is about 1-2 pounds per week, so you are right on track girl!

We've got some great workouts here on to help you get in shape and tone up for the summer (and all year long, too). Check out all the new fitness videos we've added since you last checked in with us!

Wishing you and your kiddos all the best - a happy momma will certainly mean happier kiddos!! :)

@ 8:43pm ET on May 5, 2014
Welcome back . It's so nice to hear your life has a positive outlook now. Divorce can be a stressful thing . It seems with your weight loss you did not turn to food for comfort. You got rid of the stress in your life and weight . Good for you. Keep looking ahead positive and feel good about yourself and you will accomplish any goal you have.

@ 9:04am ET on May 7, 2014
You lost 22 pounds, unbelievable! Very proud of you!

@ 11:21am ET on May 21, 2014
I'd love to hear from you again! How's your week going?

@ 1:55pm ET on May 21, 2014
~Bailey~ :) Hi~~ I'm still not getting net access very often, but love being able to float around here and talk with others when I do!! ~ Tallia~ :) It is stressful, and of course he's acting 5yrs old.. so lots of tricks n mind games 56days to go!! :) but I actually think that was my problem the whole time we were with him. Now that he's gone, I eat when Im hungry.. not even craving the sweets I was so attached to when he was around :)
~Arcticmom~ :) thanks!! Im happy with how the weight is leaving, just getting impatient for the rest to go lol

~ I do plan to post a blog soon :) I'm tackling all kinds of home repairs, upgrades and remodels right now. Of course with the "D" day 56days away I'm working on records, and remodels and proofs that it is me and my kids, not the (soon to be!) former spouse who put the time and effort into this place in hopes of keeping it.
So, if I'm still MIA... ;) I'm busting stuff offline lol :)

Happy Thoughts for all of you :) See ya soon!!


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