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P90X Journey

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Well, seriously I should almost by on week three of p90x, but i've skipped a few days here and there. like, I'd do a few days, take a day off or accidentally didn't work out for two days in a row..ugh.shame on me, then it was hard to get back in the swing of things when i did finally workout again... I did the plyometrics workout today and oy.. too much jumping so of course i moderate cause i have people living downstairs under me and i don't wanna jump agains the floor too much. I drank some gatorade to replenish now i'm going to drink some High protein slimfast.. i'm trying to cut my carbs immensely, do some high protein and eat veggies. and do slim fast at the same time. i think cutting down on big bulky food might help me in the long run. the slim fast is cheap and easy and they are coming out with more different kinds. I could have gotten the low carb slimfast but that's way too expensive, just like atkins shakes... all that diet food i want costs too much. bleh.. so today i bought slimfast, some baby carrots, a dip maker that you mix with sour cream and ta da.. school starts back up next week for my second semester so i'm going to be working extra hard.. anyway, guess that's it for today. i'm off owrk tomorow so going to clean house do laundry and do my next p90x workout.

@ 10:10pm ET on July 8, 2010 Way to go with hanging in there with the workouts - I know P90X is tough.
Keep working toward your goal - you deserve it!
@ 10:49am ET on July 9, 2010 just don't want you to get stuck in the same old habit of starting and stopping. Don't worry about the shakes, it's better to find more natural ingredients anyway. The shakes only made me crave bad stuff. Good luck! You are doing great! Sometimes I feel too critical, but I'm trying to help.
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