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11.03.12 sun
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Breakfast Chorizo, 2 fried eggs, tomatoes with red pesto, half pita bread, 600?

Outcakes with Philadelphia chocolate 200?

Beef stew with vegetables and beans
Sardines with roasted veg 700?

Party and cinema:
3 glasses of rose wine
3 pieces of cheese, 3 oatcakes 600?
Packet of dried fruit 40 kcal
2150 or more?


Br none
Pita with roasted veg and philadephia 300

Pita with roasted veg and cream cheese 300
Banana and coffee

Roasted veg with cheese
and beef stew with veg 700
2 cereal bars 400


13.03 tue

No br

Panini with chicken mayo cheese and tomato 400
Galaxy caramel bar 350
A couple of crisps

Sardines, avocado and sundried tomato pesto salad 350
Beef stew with veg 400

14.03 wed

late for team meeting.... 2 buiscuits, sponge cake 460?

Cheese sandwich 250
Sushi 250
Cheese and crackers and ham 270
Fruit salad 200?

Unsalted nut mix 100

1 baby bell light cheese 40
Paella with prawns chicken chorizo green beans and pepper and onion mix 400?

15.03 Thu

Porridge + coffee 300

Paella 400kcal
2 chocolate digestives 160
Nuts unsalted mix quite a lot 100g? 400-500

Crème fraiche vanilla 200g 200kcal
Paella 400kcal

altogether : 2000 or more ?

>Conclusions from the whole week:
*buy healthy snacks, nuts,dried fruit,fruit pots, oatcakes, small portions of jams or peanut butter, small portions of tuna, sardines, yoghurts etc.
*Wear a reminder bracelet or something not to eat crap
*Limit coffee, once a day max
*if out buy only healthy snacks e.g. antipasti, buy a glass of white wine if out and sparkling water
*Don't buy cheese, cereal bars etc.
*Don't buy big pockets of sausages, just individual sausages
*In coffee shops stick to biscotti, fruit salads, plain small things
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*If in work canteen buy jacket potato with tuna or salad plate
*If in other canteen stick to healthy options
*Buy things before you get to work, fruit salads, tuna, prawn salad

***************Any other ideas???**********************

@ 10:54pm ET on March 15, 2012
If needed, do "double check" your food item calories using CalorieKing d/base. re:

I like this d/base because it also shows how much walking or jogging or biking time it would take to burn the food item's calories away.

Remember that serving size is often much smaller than one thinks as well. A "serving size" is 100 grams. Or, 1 slice of small bread. Yes. The food item physical size most grade 1-2 students would eat in their lunch box. 2 oz (for cheese) is the size of one's thumb - from knuckle to its outer tip.

Also keep in mind that as a general statement, the body needs 14 calories for its "ideal" body weight. As per my doctor, my ideal body weight is 200 lbs. Therefore, I should be eating 200 x 14 = 2,800 calories per day. Ideal body weight isn't BMI "normal". Ideal body weight is a visual state where your unique body "looks best" - for its legs, torso and shoulder size. For some folks, being within BMI normal weight range makes them look too skinny.

Hope this helps in your journey as well..

@ 12:22pm ET on March 16, 2012
thanks Spike99, that's really helpful

@ 1:11pm ET on March 16, 2012
Another cool URL to bookmark and use is a simple "Exercise / Calories burn calculator". re:

Within this URL, simply enter your current body weight, select your task (like walking or biking), intensity level and amount of time. Click its calculate button and it displays how much calories are burned (for that specific task).

From a white board view, it's easy to eat less colories each day. For example with my body, eat 2,500 colories per day instead of 2,800. However, this isn't good lifestyle choice. To obtain optimal body weight and "fitness level" (which is different than looking skinny) is to exercise every day. Simple 30+ minutes of walking the dog, to walking up stairs to formal jogging or formal weight lifting tasks. I do cardio build tasks one day and strength building tasks the next day. Always mixing it up and given the alternate usage muscles rest on alternate days. Its always healthier (especically in the long run) to eat recommended calories per day and apply 300 calories burn of exercises to lower to 2,500 calories (for my unique body). Thus, obtaining a balance of health insides and "ideal body shape" on the outside.

Hope this helps as well.
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